I'm testing a process that will need to be run by different users on different Linux servers. The servers will have yum and yum-utils installed. There is no root access and faking it (chroot/container) isn't permitted. The test server runs Ubuntu 18, but could be CentOS on other servers.

I need to recursively download RPMs and their dependencies to a local directory on the server. The RPMs won't be installed, but only added to custom installation ISOs and tarballs.

The RPMs come from different SUSE, Fedora, and private urls, mirrorlists, and ftp repos. These change frequently.

I've tried yumdownloader, but it wants to use the /etc yum config (no root access to modify). I've also read that it's not good for downloads with complex dependency trees. I've also looked at a repoquery+wget script, but repoquery doesn't appear to work with mirrorlists.

Nothing I need to do should require root privileges.

What packaging tool and/or command line should I be using?

  • youdownloader do not modify anything in /etc, it just read those files, which is just fine. – msuchy May 1 at 23:51

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