I'm trying to run OpenVPN on Ubuntu remote server. I've been following this tutorial. As of now, I'm right before Step 3, trying to get "VPN 'server' is running" message. However, when I run

service openvpn start
service openvpn status

I get:

enter image description here

"active (exited), code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS" response.

i tried checking logs:

vim /var/log/syslog

But don't see anything suspicious:

enter image description here

What could be the reasons behind this behaviour?


The fact that you are looking at the wrong thing.

Your service is not named openvpn. It is named openvpn@configuration.

The instructions that you are following are for an older version of Ubuntu, whose services were arranged differently. You quite clearly have Ubuntu 15 or later.

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