To keep track of newly added files in a directory (and it's subdirs) I want to use entr

ls -d /tmp/*  | entr -p notify-send "new file added."

But when I add new files to /tmp/ or /tmp/foo/ nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

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Is there a particular use case for using entr ? It is generally strongly discouraged to parse ls:
Why *not* parse `ls` (and what do to instead)?

I think in your case you would be better off using incrond:
https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/trigger-commands-on-file-or-directory-changes-with-incron/ (IN_CREATE would be of particular interest to your situation)

To my knowledge incrond is not able to watch subdirectories, so if you need to also watch all subdirectories of /tmp, maybe watcher is more suited to your situation:

Word of caution, without knowing your special use case: /tmp is used by all kinds of processes. It may not be very wise/practical to try and track all of its changes.

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  • I want to get notified about incoming email (offlineimap). ls is not a must, but entr seems to be easier to setup on screen notifications – xcy7e May 1 '19 at 17:22


ls -d /tmp/* | entr -p echo "New File"

on one pane.Then on another pane type

echo "hello" > /tmp/test123456.txt

Notice that 'New File' is echoed on the first pane

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