Is there a way to extract ZIP-files under wine without resorting to "3rd party applications"?

When running windows natively, ZIP-files can be extracted directly in the explorer. However, the explorer that comes with wine (wineconsole explorer), has no idea how to handle ZIP-files. Instead i get an error message:

There is no Windows program configured to open this type of file

It's of course trivial to just unzip the file under linux (without going through wine), however my use-case is a bit more convoluted:

  • my system is Wine-4.0 (Debian/buster)
  • a script-application downloads files from the internet and is supposed to unzip them non-interactively
    • on un*x systems (when being run natively) it uses unzip
    • in Windows (running natively) it creates a VBScript that uses the built-in capabilities of Windows to unzip ZIP-files.
  • when running the Windows version of the application through wine
    • it cannot access the unzip cmdline tools
    • but the VBScript also fails (after installing wsh57 (the scripting interpreter) via winetricks), because wine cannot unzip.
  • (I would like to be able to run the application under wine; so even though the application can natively under un*x

So: is there something I can do to my wine installation, to make it extract ZIP-files as if it were on Windows?

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