I need to list all directory paths including a text which is part of thier sub-directories. For example, the text is "tpcc" and I have two paths including tpcc as following:


I want to list these paths using a command and give "tpcc" as the aforementioned text. What is the command to this?


To find all directory pathnames from the current directory downwards that contain the particular string tpcc:

find . -type d -path '*tpcc*'

The -path predicate will match the pattern against the pathnames that find comes across, and if it matches the pattern, the current pathname will be printed.

If you don't want the pattern to be matched at the end of the current pathname, use *tpcc*/* as the pattern instead. Matching a / somewhere after tpcc would cause find to find directories strictly beneath any directory whose name contains tpcc.

The -type d restricts the search to directories only.

Would you want to wrap this into a simple to use shell function:

pathfind () {
    case $# in
        1)  # only a string was given
        2)  # search path and string was given
        *)  # anything else is an error
            echo 'Expected one or two arguments' >&2
            return 1

    find "$searchpath" -type d -path "*$searchstring*"

You could use this as either

pathfind tpcc

or as

pathfind /some/path tpcc


pathfind /some/path 'tpcc*/'

The task you describe would be satisfied with

find . -type d | grep tpcc

but this will also list the "branch" directories, not just the "leaf" directories:


Is this okay or do you want to skip directories with more subdirs inside?

sudo find DIRECORY  -type f -exec grep -Iq . {} \; -exec dirname {} \; | sort|uniq

check this Link: URL

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