I'm trying to compile a CUDA program on a Google Cloud VM running Debian Stretch. CUDA does not seem to officially supported on Debian but I was able to to install nvcc by installing the nvidia-cuda-dev and nvidia-cuda-toolkit packages.

My problem is that this installs CUDA 8.0 which requires gcc-5. gcc-5 in turn is not available via apt.

Since I will have to repeat this installation process on several other virtual machines I'd like to avoid complicated workarounds here. What is the easiest way to obtain compatible versions of CUDA and gcc? Is seems very strange to me that the nvidia-cuda-* packages are clearly unusable with the only available gcc version, am I doing something wrong?

  • Does your Debian Stretch Google Cloud VM even have a CUDA-enabled GPU? – Nasir Riley Apr 30 at 20:05
  • Yes. I have somewhat circumvented the problem now by installing gcc-5 inside an anaconda environment. – Peter May 1 at 9:26

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