I have build a custom kernel and now I want to run this custom kernel on the virtual machine.

What is the way to do so?

I can see that it looks for .iso file. However, the generated file is .deb file for the kernel I have built.

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    If it is a valid deb package try to install it, see if it works – Biswapriyo Apr 30 '19 at 8:18
  • There's not enough information in your question for a comprehensive answer. What distribution is your OS? Debian, Ubuntu, Mint or something different. Do you know which boot loader you are using (Grub?). Do you have access to the boot menu when the virtual machine starts, or is it a host virtual machine (eg: in AWS EC2?). Please edit your question to add this information. – Philip Couling Apr 30 '19 at 9:35

Install Debian on your virtual machine. Then transfer your deb file and install it. Hopefully the deb package will manage the bootloader entries. Reboot and pick your kernel version in the boot menu.

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