I'd like to schedule a daily autoshutdown via sudo service autoshutdown start or either abort it via sudo service autoshutdown stop.


User = root
Type = oneshot
ExecStop=/usr/bin/crontab -r


echo "scheduling a shutdown 19:00..."
crontab -l | cat - /etc/systemd/system/autoshutdown.txt > crontab.txt && crontab crontab.txt
echo "crontab is now"
crontab -l


50 18 * * * /sbin/shutdown +10

All amazing. So starting service runs correctly, and when statusing service, I see

[omissis] autoshutdown.sh[11178]: scheduling a shutdown 19:00...

[omissis] autoshutdown.sh[11178]: root

[omissis] autoshutdown.sh[11178]: 50 18 * * * /sbin/shutdown +10

So everything seems ok. However, a latter sudo crontab -l returns an empty table.

"Where" did my crontab go?

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  • Does crontab.txt contain what you would expect? – Bodo Apr 30 at 6:38
  • Just refined its absolute path to /etc/systemd/system/crontab.txt and yes, its content is equal to /etc/systemd/system/autoshutdown.txt line – Patrizio Bertoni Apr 30 at 7:03

Ok, for the required behaviour, the most fitting option is RemainAfterExit=yes (default: no).

Otherwise, once ExecStart end, ExecStop is immediately executed.

Source: FreeDesktop Systemd Manual

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