I used the following code to send an email via shell script.

Code: mail -s "subject" toaddress@gmail.com <<< "Body of the mail"

It worked. But I want to attach a file while sending the mail. How to do it?


You can make use of "mutt" if it's installed in your Linux machine.

$$ mutt -a "file_attachment"

Other options are the same as in the mail command.

  • What is $$? – Scott Apr 30 at 5:46
  • Just a prompt. In my machine prompt is set as $$. So did mention like that. It may differ for every machine and it can be anything based on the value set in PS1 variable. It doesn't mean anything in the command. – ezio16 Apr 30 at 5:58

One possible way to attach file is to encode it. For example

uuencode file_to_attach file_to_attach|mail -s "subject" toaddress@gmail.com 

will attach file_to_attach to the mail

  • @Velu, you mean command, right? So install it – Romeo Ninov Apr 30 at 7:24

You could use mime-construct (https://linux.die.net/man/1/mime-construct) or makemime (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/makemime.1.html) if one of these tools is available.

Example from the mime-contruct man page:

Send a plain text part and attach a file, setting the file's content type and --attachment name automatically.

mime-construct --to "$recip" --subject "$file" \
--string "Here's the file I told you about.$nl" \
--file-attach "$file"

Of course it is also possible to create all MIME headers, boundaries and file encodings manually in your script. A (fairly complicated) example for this you can find in some scripts that are part of the (BSD licensed) HylaFAX software. Look for function CreateMailMessage in notify.sh.in and common-functions.h.in in the util directory of the source code. (see https://www.hylafax.org/, ftp://ftp.hylafax.org/source/)

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