I've been using qbittorrent-nox + WebUI on a headless server for a few months and it's working pretty good.

I'd like to separate a bunch of torrents I seed and that I keep active for months hoping for a seed to come back, from normal torrents that I download, seed for a while and delete.

Is it possible to make qBittorrent and WebUI run in 2 instances, each on their own ports and settings, so that I can better organize my torrents?

  • Have you tried 2 instances under 2 different users? – Fabby Apr 30 at 21:47
  • No. How would I setup them to run on startup pointing the proper user? – Hikari May 1 at 23:00

Yes, this is possible. Run the following under the user you want to run qbittorent-nox:

/usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox --configuration=user1 -d --webui-port=8001
sleep 1
rm /tmp/qtsingleapp-qBitto-*
/usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox --configuration=user2 -d --webui-port=8002

There are three things here:

  • You should configure different WebUI ports for each user;
  • You should configure different configuration subdirectories for each user;
  • Before starting a new instance you should delete the lock file created by previous instance. QBittorrent uses this to find its instances, and would otherwise refuse to start a new instance telling you that "qbittorrent is already running"

sleep 1 lets the first instance run a bit and create the lock file (which you then remove).

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