I'm using rxvt-unicode as my terminal with Hack fonts patched with Nerd fonts. Also, my main editor is NeoVim (matters not), with vim-airline (among others).
So, this plugin (vim-airline) uses U+2630 and U+2632 font/char/unicode/glyph (onestly, I cannot make any difference, sorry), which is not present in my fonts. I have found that Symbola and Unifont, contains them, so I have tried to use Symbola as an fallback font. Here starts the problem.
My config works well, but those font/char/unicode/glyph are still not showing. More so, I have found the problem, that is URxvt*letterSpace = 0, anything bellow 1 is not rendering the font. To be more clear, letter spacing affects font rendering, if letter space is too small. Here are my questions; why is that happening, how can I avoid. As a first option I am searching if fonts spaces can be set on family base, thou it seems it is not possible.

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