Recently I started a project involving a at91sam9261ek and samsung K9F2G08U0M nand flash (256mb) (http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/doc6255.pdf).

I used buildroot to build bootstrap, uboot, a linux kernel and a filesystem. bootstrap and uboot are located on dataflash, the linux kernel and filesystem are located on nandflash. Flashing is done through the tool sam-ba that's supplied by Atmel.

0x0 - 0x3c0000   Linux kernel
0x400000 >       UBI Image:    

I managed to learn and understand most things and everything seems to work... except ubifs...

ubi0: attaching mtd5
ubi0: scanning is finished
ubi0 error: vtbl_check: too large reserved_pebs 1788, good PEBs 48
ubi0 error: vtbl_check: volume table check failed: record 0, error 9
Volume table record 0 dump:
        reserved_pebs   1788
        alignment       1
        data_pad        0
        vol_type        1
        upd_marker      0
        name_len        6
        name            rootfs
        crc             0xb10386c2
ubi0 error: ubi_attach_mtd_dev: failed to attach mtd5, error -22
UBI error: cannot attach mtd5

I have tried everything to lower reserved_pebs or to increase good PEBs... However, I'm not to be able to improve the PEB situation. Of course I tried to find a solution online and I understand the idea behind pebs / lebs...

The first thing I tried was to add vol_size to my ubinize.cfg, this did not have any influence on the filesize of ubifs (or ubi).


rootfs.ubi            13MB  
rootfs.ubifs          12MB  
u-boot.bin            418KB 
uImage.at91sam9261ek  3946KB



Then I started to fiddle with the ubi settings. However, this only had a negative impact on the situation (I even increased -c to 99999, no dice)

buildroot make menuconfig

[*] ubi image containing an ubifs root filesystem
(0x20000) physical eraseblock size 
(512) sub-page size     
[ ]   Use custom config file 
()    Additional ubinize options   

-*- ubifs root filesystem        
(0x1f800) logical eraseblock size    
(0x800) minimum I/O unit size      
(2048) maximum logical eraseblock count  
ubifs runtime compression (lzo)  --->   
Compression method (no compression)  --->   

I have no idea how to solve this problem, this is the first time that I'm trying to build everything myself with buildroot.

The only thing that I can think of right now is that my way of flashing nandflash might be incorrect.

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