I have two files: a Terraform variables file (vars.tf), and a Makefile.

What I want to be able to do, is to have the Makefile 'read' some of the variables in the Terraform vars.tf file.

The vars.tf file:

variable "region" {
    default = "us-west-1"
    description = "AWS Region"
variable "profile" {
    default = "bobs-profile"
    description = "Please enter your AWS CLI profile name"
variable "env" {
    default = "dev"
    description = "Please label the environment this infrastructure will be deployed to eg dev, uat, prod"

I would like to be able to call the variables listed in the vars.tf file in my Makefile - here is a short example:

.SHELL := /usr/bin/bash
.PHONY: apply plan prep
CURRENT_FOLDER=$(shell basename "$$(pwd)")

I would like, for example, the values of:

  • $(ENV)
  • $(REGION)

To be pulled from the Terraform vars.tf file, so that the Makefile will be run with the variables as follows:


Is there a way that I can achieve this?

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