Pesky $PATH, there's one item I used to use ~/.workspace/bin. I just can't figure where its coming from. I changed the user shell to /bin/sh, and logged in from tty, checked PATH, and it was clear of this item. Then I changed the shell to /usr/bin/fish, I echoed PATH as a first thing ~/.config/fish/config.fish and that item was there! Where could it come from? What else if fish shell doing on startup? (I have empty ~/.profile)

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    If you're on macOS, check /etc/paths and /etc/paths.d – ridiculous_fish Apr 28 at 23:26
  • @ridiculous_fish thanks, I'm not though, this is Linux – skrat Apr 28 at 23:43
  • Putting your OS and distribution into the question would be helpful. – Jeff Schaller Apr 29 at 0:09
  • Could be a universal variable: do set -U and see what variables are there. You might want to look for fish_user_paths -- fwiw this is why I don't use universal variables: I like configuration. – glenn jackman Apr 29 at 14:20
  • For what files fish reads when you start a shell: fishshell.com/docs/current/index.html#initialization – glenn jackman Apr 29 at 14:22

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