When I run this script:

# internet-status.sh
# ==================

now=$(date +%F)
cmd_output=$(nc -dzvw1 443 2>&1)
logfile_string=$("[$now] $cmd_output")
$logfile_string >> "$logfile"

it returns:

/home/xxxx/internet.log: Permission denied

I've run chmod u+x on internet-status.sh

The permissions are:

-rw-rw-rw- internet.log and -rwxrw-r-- internet-status.sh


$(...) is a command substitution.

Whereas date +%F and nc -dzvw1 443 2>&1 are commands, "[$now] $cmd_output" and "$HOME/internet.log" are just strings - and should be assigned as such:

logfile_string="[$now] $cmd_output"

You then presumably want to echo the string to the file:

echo "$logfile_string" >> "$logfile"

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