I'm running Manjaro Gnome on a HiDPI display. Most things work fine but some programs like urxvt or rofi don't seem to pick up the correct system-wide DPI settings and look very TINY. I thought I could add something Xft.dpi to my .XResources but it doesn't have any effect. I know it's picking up the configs in that file because I can change colours etc and they're applied to urxvt but not the DPI for some reason. Should I poke something else as well?


You'll have to either:

a. Just make the default font size larger:

urxvt -fn 'xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=14'

b. Force your X11 server to return the right DPI of your monitor instead of the made up 96 DPI.

I did this by putting

xrandr --fbmm `xrandr | sed -n '/ connected/s/.* \([0-9]*\)mm x \([0-9]*\)mm/\1x\2/p'`

in my ~/.xsession.

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