I have a Veikk S640 drawing tablet, and one of the problems with it on Linux is that the x-axis doesn't get updated when the pressure-axis gets updated, leading to staggered strokes like these in Xorg in KDE Plasma. The top stroke is from Gimp, while the bottom stroke is from Krita. This doesn't look like only the x-axis not giving input, but that's what the xinput test command says:

button press   1 
motion a[0]=4641 a[1]=12079 
motion a[0]=4641 a[1]=12069 a[2]=598 
motion a[0]=4665 a[1]=12047 
motion a[0]=4665 a[1]=12057 a[2]=608 
motion a[0]=4678 a[1]=11987 
motion a[0]=4678 a[1]=12018 a[2]=614 
motion a[0]=4695 a[1]=11984 
motion a[0]=4695 a[1]=11999 a[2]=621 
motion a[0]=4710 a[1]=11922 
motion a[0]=4710 a[1]=11956 a[2]=562 
motion a[0]=4719 a[1]=11909 
motion a[0]=4719 a[1]=11930 a[2]=419 
motion a[1]=11834 
motion a[1]=11876 a[2]=268 
motion a[1]=11826 
motion a[1]=11848 a[2]=0 
button release 1 

The y-axis(a[1]) gets updated every step, while every time the pressure-axis(a[2]) is updated it seems to cause the x-axis(a[0]) to not update.

This seems to only be a problem in Xorg, but I can't switch to Wayland as the pressure doesn't work in any program there.

This is specifically a problem in the KDE Neon distribution. I tried several different distributions, even some with up to date KDE Plasma such as Kubuntu, and had no problems. I wasn't able to track down if there was a specific package in KDE Neon causing this. I've moved onto Kubuntu as a workaround now since it works, but can't provide a fix.

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