My code

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox dev

VBoxManage list vms

"minikube" {9c326ed5-faf4-42fe-acda-bf3a283f1a74}
"kalinew" {de6de631-0d51-4638-b967-66db463cbf05}
"dev" {84a116bf-02b9-48e3-809a-f5232518c8ee}


eval "$(docker-machine env dev)"

My goal was to check with echo

echo $dev

Got empty line. Why?


Because docker-machine env dev doesn't set the environment variable dev, it sets environment variables for the host called dev.

Run docker-machine env dev without the eval to see what environment variables get set. Also compare with the output of docker-machine env (without dev) if your docker-machine configuration is wrong somewhere, but still has a reasonable default.

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