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When I power off my Kali system, it takes forever to power off. The stop job starts with 1min30sec but keeps increasing; So, I am not able to shutdown it properly and I have to force the computer to power off.

How do I solve this problem? I am triple-booting Kali, Ubuntu and Windows.

  • Looks like a bug at first glance. Firstly Debian-gdm shouldn't be doing anything fancy with FUSE / gvfs. Those should only be doing interesting things inside the login session of your real user. In any case, fusermount -u (unmount) shouldn't be blocked like that inside the kernel. So I suspect a kernel issue, so you should be suspecting the RCU stalls. To narrow down the variables, I would compare with a stable kernel build which has a larger base of <del>testers</del> ahem, users, who would report such issues. – sourcejedi Apr 28 at 10:24
  • You could try stealing your Ubuntu kernel file (/boot/vmlinuz-...) and initrd- (the version numbers must match). From your GRUB boot prompt, edit the Kali boot commands to use the Ubuntu kernel and initrd, but everything else the same. – sourcejedi Apr 28 at 10:30
  • This all assumes there is something you can do with that information, e.g. make a bug report to Kali. I don't know how they handle bug reports. – sourcejedi Apr 28 at 10:32
  • The other possibility is that I'm wrong, and this is what it's supposed to look like if userspace manages to deadlock when playing with FUSE. I.e. maybe it's some bug around the gnome/gvfs stack. I didn't expect that, because we normally allow unprivileged (non-root) users to play with FUSE. And here it seems to be triggering a hang in the privileged process systemd-logind, which sounds like it would be a security bug. – sourcejedi Apr 28 at 10:36

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