I have successfully configured a Canon Pixma MX494 as a network printer from my laptop (PureOS/Debian) using CUPS. It appears under "Printers" and I can print a test page over the network.

I can successfully scan over the network from my Android device using the Canon app.

I am now trying to configure the same device as a network scanner from my laptop.

Following https://wiki.debian.org/SaneOverNetwork#Client_Configuration I have:

  • Installed libsane and sane-utils (already installed)
  • Uncomment the net backend entry in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf (already uncommented)
  • Added the IP address of the scanner to /etc/sane.d/net.conf (Although, from the link "Note that the net backend is not for accessing arbitrary scanners over a network.")
  • I can ping the scanner at its IP address from my laptop

But scanimage -L does not detect the scanner. (It seemed to detect it once, but simple-scan then failed, and it has not detected it again since then.)

  • I had the same behavior (simple-scan error and lockout from the scanner), I had to restart my printer/scanner to be able to reconnect. Maybe it's worth a trial.
    – Tylla
    Sep 11, 2020 at 0:18

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There is a tool ScanGear MP Ver. 3.10 for Linux available on the Canon website (source, RPM and Debian package):

And there are two How To's on the Debian User Forums site for the Pixma MX490 series.

The PIXMA MX490 series is listed as "Untested" on the sane project site, so it's possible that it doesn't work with sane at all.

SANE: Supported Devices

PIXMA MX490 Series USB WiFi 0x04a9/0x1787 Untested Testers needed!


The following models may use the same Pixma protocol as those listed above, but have not yet been reported to work (or not). They are declared in the backend so that they get recognized and activated. Feedback in the sane-devel mailing list welcome.

      PIXMA E400, E460, E470, E480, E500, E510, E560, E600, E610
      PIXMA MG3000, MG4100, MG6500, MG6600, MG6800, MG6900, MG8100
      PIXMA MP375R, MP493, MP495, MP740
      PIXMA MX320, MX390, MX430, MX450, MX490, MX710

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