I am been unable to wake my ubuntu laptop everytime I put it into suspend. 3 possible signs:

  • Sometimes it wake up ok
  • Sometimes, it freezes at wake and show screen before it freeze.
  • Sometimes it just a black screen but the keyboard backlights and laptop is running

Anyone has any idea how to solve this? I had only found similar problem faced by people here

System: Laptop Model: AFTERSHOCK Apex 17 (A reseller of Tongfang GK7CP7S) Same laptop but rebrands include:

I am using Ubuntu 18.04, with Linux Kernel Version of 4.18.0-18-generic.

  • Walmart OVERPOWERED 17+ Cyberpowerpc TRACER III 17 XTREME
  • Cyberpowerpc TRACER III 17 XTREME VR
  • Eluktronics MECH-17
  • Tongfang Mechrevo X8Ti-plus
  • PC Specialist 17.3" Recoil II (Europe)
  • Illegear Selenite
  • Clevocenter Nextcore

According to this answer on the XFCE forum, you should monitor what happens when you suspend the computer.

To do so, you could install xfce4-power-manager and check that your hardware indeed supports suspending, sleeping, hibernating, screen locking, screen saving, display on/off switching, etc.

I personnally had trouble resuming after suspending. That answer, along with the Power Manager documentation, helped me narrow down what I shouldn't do with my laptop. I am now able to suspend and resume as expected !

Hope it helps

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