I have a program that display a set of picture randomly with xdotool: it display a picture in a folder and sometimes it press left arrow,sometimes it press right arrow with xdotool.

WHAT I WANT: Now I would like to display 2 sets of pictures (set A and set B) on 2 different windows (not screen) in the same time with the same program. I want the xdotool command of the first windows to be the same on the second windows. In other words: commands sent to windows 1 (displaying set A) have to be the same for windows 2 (displaying set B) - in the exact same time. Illustration of what I want MY PROBLEM: my program can simulate keyboard pressing for only one set of picture (set A or set B).

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: create another keyboard that execute (virtually) the same command at the same moment. I thought about virtual machine/virtualbox but I predict command will be out of sync.

QUESTION: - Is it possible to simulate multiple keyboard for multiple program using xdotool - How to create multiple keyboards and execute (virtually) a xdotool command on them?

It similar to this post but I don't want to use a X-server for the same reason of virtual machine/virtualbox.

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