When I open a command prompt on my host system and enter:

nc -lvp 1234

I get the output:

listening on [any] 1234 …

as expected, and when I open a terminal in one of my virtual machines and enter:

nc 1234

My host system responds with further verbose:

connect to [] from VAGRANTASP.ADAM [] 54039

But when I try to do the same but with roles reversed, no such acknowledgement verbose occurs, but in trying to set up a file transfer system there was infact "something" transferred from virtual OS to host, but it was just a file without an extension and a filename that wasn't alphanumeric.

What am I doing wrong?

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    Guess: Your virtualbox setup, which you didn't tell us anything about, uses NAT (network address translation) somewhere, or you don't have the correct routes to the VM(s), or ... So it's your (virtual) network setup that prevents this from working in both directions. – dirkt Apr 26 at 9:22

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