I'm using tmux 2.9-rc (built from source) on Ubuntu 18.04 in an xterm window.

I normally run xterm with color disabled (xterm -cm). It can display text in bold and reverse video, but not in color.

When I run tmux choose-tree -w in a window with color enabled, the top half of the screen shows a list of windows with the current line highlighted with black text on a yellow background (normal text is black on white). I can easily navigate the list and type Enter to select a window.

With color disabled, the highlighting is invisible, which makes navigation difficult.

Is there a way to configure tmux so it will visibly highlight the line for the selected window? Either bold or reverse-video would be ok.

Note that setw -g window-status-current-style bold highlights the name of the current window in the status line.

I'm looking for something like windowlist -b in GNU screen. (I recently switched from GNU screen to tmux, and this is the only feature I'm having trouble with.)


Try changing mode-style to reverse.

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  • Thanks, that did it. I added setw -g mode-style reverse to my $HOME/.tmux.conf. – Keith Thompson Apr 26 '19 at 8:44

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