scrypt is a password-based key derivation function that can be tuned to use a large amount of memory.

I want a command-line interface to calculate the key given my own values for parameters: password, salt, n, r, p, length (these are like the parameters password, salt, cost in bcrypt).

Preferably, I can use something like scrypt --password message --salt mysalt -n 1024 -r 8 -p 8 --length 32 and get just 9a5ef931679f5003248953b6eea3827ca32eb6d07a417126670ba8555f40a0e0.

What software can do this job?


This implementation of scrypt appears to cover your requirement, see https://github.com/jkalbhenn/scrypt

scrypt-kdf [options ...] password [salt N r p size salt-size]
                         string string integer integer integer integer integer]
  -b|--base91-input  password and salt arguments are base91 encoded
  -c|--check hash  test if hash is derived from a password
  -h|--help  display this text and exit
  -p|--crypt  use unix crypt format
  -v|--version  output version information and exit
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