How can I manipulate a string and then assign it to a variable?

This string manipulation works as I want:

echo ${dir:2:5} | sed 's/[.]$//';


var x = ${dir:2:5} | sed 's/[.]$//';


x = ${dir:2:5} | sed 's/[.]$//';


x = $(${dir:2:5} | sed 's/[.]$//');

all produce errors similar to:

script.sh: line 2: mystring: command not found
script.sh: line 2: x: command not found
script.sh: line 2: var: command not found

My intention is to use this variable in an mv command.

mv /var/$x/test/$x.mp4 /home/me/


x=$(echo "${dir:2:5}" | sed 's/\.$//')
  1. You have to omit the spaces in when you declare a variable (x=value)
  2. $dir is a variable. To print the output of your command you would use echo "${dir:2:5}" | sed 's/\.$//' in the terminal. To save the value in variable x, you replace the value with your command using command substitution $( )
  • Thanks, this is functioning as I expected. The explanation also helps. – user3783243 Apr 25 '19 at 13:53
  • Thanks for the edit! – Freddy Apr 25 '19 at 13:56

Supplement to Freddy's answer; the sed pipe could also be replaced with a bash string substitution. Example:

x=abcd.efghijk ; y="${x:2:5}" ; echo "$y"  "${y/.}"


cd.ef cdef

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