I am having an issue with kvm-qemu.

Host: Ubuntu Guest OS is win2k12 R2.

When the VM is booted, some times it get stuck at windows log or it pass the windows log & get stuck at a black screen. I had to do a force shutdown through virt-manager to come out of it. Once turned off, If I start it back some times it boot up.

It's happening almost 8 times out of 10.

in htop (host) I see these running in loop.

active processes

I have almost 8 of them running at a time.

Found something suspicious over here in qemu logs;

qemu log

  • It looks like the guest OS isn't responding. This is not likely to be a problem with QEMU/KVM. – Michael Hampton Apr 25 at 1:09
  • Guest is a fresh install. Also next time when the system bootsup, it gives message that the OS wasn't shutdown propperly. So, anyway I can isolate it and fix? Tried with 2 hosts and same issue. – Emmanual Apr 25 at 1:17
  • Windows Startup Repair? I'm just guessing. You'd probably have to get help from a site that supports Windows, such as our sister site Super User. – Michael Hampton Apr 25 at 1:18

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