I'm not very familiar with the code and it's already 15 years old code. It's a CGI script for an image gallery website.

Sometimes it runs 50 imageFolio.cgi-processes at the time without problems. Lately sometimes a hung process appears that stays and eats up all memory of the server and causes it too swap.

Top sorted by memory usage:

20945 apache    20   0   16.1g  15.0g    444 D   6.0 96.7   0:20.59 imageFolio.cgi
   45 root      20   0       0      0      0 D   3.7  0.0  49:15.78 kswapd0
  • maybe try yo limit apache2 Ram usage or modify you code to make it more efficient. 15 years old code might need some refresh. – Kiwy Apr 26 at 10:20
  • Googling for imageFolio.cgi brings up information on various known vulnerabilities in a script with that name. Someone might be attempting to use those against your server, just because the name of the script matches. If the script is actually vulnerable, the "hung" process might actually be taken over by an exploit and acting as a badly-written bitcoin miner or something similar. – telcoM Apr 27 at 10:33

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