consider a file names 'file.txt'. It contains the following.

dove is a bird
tiger is an animal
cricket is a game.

Expected output:

is a bird
is an animal
is a game.
  • Delete the first word and the trailing space... – Jeff Schaller Apr 24 at 14:08

To do it using cut

cut -f 2- -d ' ' file.txt > new_file.txt

"Give me the second and any other field beyond, using space as a delimiter, from the file.txt file and direct the output to new_file.txt"


With sed

To remove the first word: sed -E "s,^[[:alnum:]]+ ,," list.txt

To remove the first character: sed -E "s,^[[:alnum:]],," list.txt

  • what if it has any punctuations or symbols... – msp9011 Apr 24 at 14:40

using sed :

sed 's/[^ ]* //' list.txt
  • will remove all till first space
  • 1
    ... and through the first space :) – Jeff Schaller Apr 24 at 14:24
  • @JeffSchaller yes.... – msp9011 Apr 24 at 14:26

In Perl:

perl -pe 's/.*? //'  input

In Grep:

grep -Po ' \K.*' input

Use ed, man!

ed -s input <<< $'%s/^[^ ][^ ]* //\nw\nq'

or, with a here-string:

printf '%s\n' '%s/^[^ ][^ ]* //' 'w' 'q' | ed -s input

This sends three newline-separated commands to ed:

  1. on every (%) line, search and replace one or more non-space characters and a trailing space with nothing; the search pattern is anchored to match at the beginning of the line with ^
  2. write the file back to disk
  3. quit

with awk:

awk '{ $1=""; print substr($0,2) }' file.txt

With bash:

while read; do
  set -f -- $REPLY
  echo "$@"
done < infile


is a bird
is an animal
is a game.

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