I'm looking for the string SUCCESS into the file_1 & file_2 which in this case looks for the string and prints it based on whether its there on only file_1 or on both file_1 and file_2 while I'm looking it to print only once either its on both the file of one. How that can be done?

$ grep SUCCESS file_1  file_2


file_1:Host fox_01 is SUCCESS
file_2:Host fox_02 is SUCCESS
file_2:Host fox_01 is SUCCESS

I'm open to any advice or solution, not necessarily grep.

  • So you just want to know if the string SUCCESS is in either file? Your question is a bit hard to understand, it would help if you gave an example of your desired output. – rusty shackleford Apr 24 at 11:29
  • @rustyshackleford, sorry for not making it clear. – krock1516 Apr 24 at 13:16

Try this,

awk '/SUCCESS/ && !a[$0]++' file_1 file_2

Host fox_01 is SUCCESS
Host fox_02 is SUCCESS

will check for the keyword "SUCCESS" and ignores duplicate

  • Excellent @msp9011, I referred the link – krock1516 Apr 24 at 13:13
  • Is there a better way rather using && operator. – krock1516 Apr 24 at 13:26
  • @krock1516 may I know whats the difficulty in using && – msp9011 Apr 24 at 13:30
  • -@msp9011, I see no difficulty but wondering if there can be a better way? Isn't that good question :-) . – krock1516 Apr 24 at 14:08

Use grep -h to not print the file names, and then awk to suppress duplicate lines:

grep -h SUCCESS file_1  file_2 | awk '!seen[$0]++'

or if you wish to sort:

grep -h SUCCESS file_1  file_2 | sort -u

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