Lets say I have the repository URL set to "http://ftp.debian.org/debian/" and the distribution is set to "stretch" with component "main".


  1. Are the packages between the time/development from Debian 9.8 to 9.9 changed within this repository, i.e. is it possible if they are altered/updated?

  2. Or do only the packages change in debian-security and are (maybe) moved to "stable" Debian (non security) in next version?

  3. Or something different?

I think, that #1 is the case, but I am not sure. If yes, is there a possibility to get the exact state of packages of a certain Debian Stretch version, e.g. released Debian Stretch 9.8 (or also Debian 9.2) via URL (not by CD-ROM, etc.)?


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The contents of the main repository don’t change between point releases. Security updates are uploaded to the security repository, and other updates are uploaded to the “updates” repository (stretch-updates for Debian 9). When a point release is cut, all the updates in the security and update repositories (and other queued changes, from the “proposed updates” repository) are merged into the main repositories.

It isn’t possible to find the exact state of packages of a certain Debian release in the main repositories though. However you can use the snapshot repository to find the state of the repositories on a given date, and the release notes, the repository changelog, and associated package changelogs to figure out what version of a given package was in any given point release.

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