I'm trying to establish a new ftps connection between two servers, say A and B.

Below are the commands I'm using for establishing the connection. I guess i'm able to connect to the remote server but unable to perform operations like cd,ls while in the remote server.

It just hangs while performing the cd operation(as shown below)

$ lftp
lftp :> set ftp:ssl-allow true
lftp :> set ftp:ssl-force true
lftp :> set ftp:ssl-protect-data true
lftp :> set ftp:ssl-protect-list true
lftp :> open -p 2121 sos13a-0501a.eu.hedani.net
lftp xxxx-xxxxx.xx.xxxxx.net:> cd /secure/gtd/VTXT
cd `/secure/gtd/VTXT' [Logging in...] 

Try to switch to passive mode:

set ftp:fxp-passive-source true
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