I am studying intel speed select:

official info:


reference site:


"reducing the frequency for low priority jobs to maintain high frequency on a high priority job"

In my understanding, Linux already can set different freq to different core.

and Linux (OS) also know each task's expected freq ( heavy loading or light loading, ex: load a web page or print one line log ), OS should able to do this kind of tech ( Intel speed select ) already.

Does Linux support this kind of feature (but not the intel speed select) in the kernel already?

What's the new in Intel speed select and linux kernel? ( in my understanding, kernel will support Intel speed select )


Yes, it can be emulated:


section Emulating SST-BF

If a suitable BIOS or Linux kernel is not available on the platform, SST-BF may be emulated by setting the min and max frequencies high on some of the cores. Typically this would be 6 or 8 cores at 2.7Ghz, and the remainder of the cores at 2.1GHz on a 20 core CPU.

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  • what is the difference between emulating and kernel+bios support ? – Chinaxing Mar 10 at 15:15

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