I want to measure the real-time performance of a old customized RedHat Linux (RTOS) with the rt-test tool suite, and the RT RedHat Linux is not registered with RHN, so I can not install the rt-test and packages it relies on with the yum command.

I follow the instruction manual and get some errors during the manual installation.

Frist, I check the build-essentials(gcc g++ automake autoconf libtool make) are installed, and download the source codes of rt-test. Then, make install command reports the error numa.h: No such file or directory, cpuid.h: No such file or directory and some warnings from cyclictest\rt_numa.h, so I think some packages about numa are missing.

The linux kernel(2.6.29) is a little old, and I can not find these numa packages, seemingly have to install numactl-libs numactl-devel for RedHat?

It seems numa is optional, so I try to install without it, but the make NUMA=0 command still generates the error cpuid.h: No such file or directory.

I also try to install numactl from the source code, but the autoconf tool in my machine is too old to generate the makefile.

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