When I try to filter make with more it does not work:

make | more

Not exactly sure why that it is. How do I paginate make's output?

By "does not work" I mean it does not work at all. It is as though the more filter was never added. The output from make just scrolls off the screen.

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    @Kusalananda The output just scrolls off the screen and is not paginated. In other words the output is the same as if | more had not been added. – Tyler Durden Apr 23 at 22:31

You are not sending the error stream of make through more, so no diagnostic messages would be paginated by more.

To send both standard output and standard error through more, use

make 2>&1 | more

Note that if make produces lots of output, and if you don't follow it in more, then the output of make would eventually be blocked, causing the make process to pause until such time that you have scrolled down to the most recent part of the output in more.

It may be better to do

make >make.log 2>&1

followed by

tail -f make.log

This would start make with all output sent to a new file called make.log. The tail command is then used to follow the output (you could obviously use more make.log instead).

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