I have files that contain 2 numbers like the following:

File 1


File 2


File 3


I want to compare the number on the first line to the number on the second line. If the number on the first line is higher echo : Higher If the number on the first line is lower echo : Lower If the number on both lines are the same echo : Same

How can i acheive this?

  • Hello! What have you tried? How did it not work as expected or intended? – DopeGhoti Apr 23 at 22:12
  • I have tried to use an if statement that checks using: echo "a=$a"; echo "b=$b"; if [ $a \> $b ]; however i am not sure how to set each number in the files to a and b – jonny b Apr 23 at 22:18

Loop over the files. For each file, read the two numbers, then compare them:

for file in file1 file2 file3; do
    { read num1; read num2; } <"$file"
    if [ "$num1" -gt "$num2" ]; then
        echo Higher
    elif [ "$num1" -lt "$num2" ]; then
        echo Lower
        echo Same

Arithmetic comparison in the shell is done with -gt and -lt. The other arithmetic comparison operators are -ge, -le and -eq. See man test. The operators < and > will test for lexicographical ordering, and will not be what you want to use here.

Or, with awk:

awk -v RS='' -F '\n' '{ print ($1 > $2 ? "Higher" : ($1 < $2 ? "Lower" : "Same")) }' file1 file2 file3

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