I'm running the following command:

updatedb -l 0 -o mydatabase.db -U /usr/myfiles1/


locate -d mydatabase.db ""

The "" are to show all the contents of mydatabase.db. However, I'm missing files that I'd expect to see in /myfiles1/. 'locate' doesn't seem to be recursing down through the directories. I've checked permissions, but it seems random as to what directories 'locate' chooses to recurse down into.

If I 'cd' to 'myfiles1' and then run 'updatedb', it recurses down into this directory and its subdirectories and generates all the files contained in /myfiles1/.

  • If you run updatedb with -v it should list the files it is finding, and this might provide a clue. – meuh Apr 24 '19 at 9:20
  • I tried this. It is skipping over a bunch of directories without recursing down into them. – macdays Apr 24 '19 at 21:59

The reason I wasn't able to recurse down into the subdirectories when updating the locate database, was because I didn't have the proper permissions for the top-level directories. Running updatedb as root was able to crunch through the whole file tree without skipping directories regardless of where I kicked of the updatedb command.

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