I got some bigger struggle on my SUSE machine with my apache2 installation. So I want to uninstall/remove it completely to reinstall it.

When I use sudo zypper rm apache2 some of my files are gone, but a lot of files in my /etc/apache2 folder is still exist.

Should I delete them with rm too, or what is the cleanest way to delete apache2?


zypper can't does purge (remove package and configuration) action like apt/aptitude. This fact isn't mentioned in any man page in SUSE system.


...a program removing user's files is not a good idea.

So, you should to remove all your configuration files by hand with rm tool.

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    it was also necessary to delete the /etc/sysconfig/apache2 file manually. After the reinstall it works, thangs – Marius Illmann Apr 24 at 8:55

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