I have the following command.

(head -1 invoice.txt  && sed '1d' invoice.txt |sort -rn -k4,4) |column -ts $'\t' |less -S
  • head -1 prints the first line.
  • sed "1d' removes the first line so soft wont be confused
  • sort -rn -k4,4 sorts my file by the 4th column only
  • column -ts $'\t' splits the file by tab
  • less -S prints it on the terminal

I would like to print only the first, fourth and last column. This is a small file however I have one with fourteen and one with twenty one columns, that i will use this template on.

And I am not sure if to use cut, awk, print or other command to pipe for my current output.

  • this is a working output, you need to remove the first line or the sorft will not work – Cueisa Apr 23 '19 at 8:31
  • Oh, sorry, I see what you're doing now. The formatting of the command confused me. – Kusalananda Apr 23 '19 at 8:36

You want to show only the 1st, 4th and last tab-delimited columns, and you want to sort the data on the second of those columns numerically, ignoring the header.

awk -F '\t' 'BEGIN { OFS=FS } { print $1, $4, $NF }' invoice.txt >tmpfile

    head -n 1 tmpfile
    sed '1d' tmpfile | sort -k 2,2rn
} | less -S

Or, you could bypass the temporary file and just pass everything from awk into the { ...; } compound command via a pipe. Add column -ts $'\t' before less -S if needed.

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