How to copy all the content of the folder /foo/bar, which contains the file /foo/bar/a to an empty subfolder /foo/bar/subfolder without ending up with the file /foo/bar/subfolder/subfolder/a. Doing cp -r * subfolder/ in /foo/bar does not work.

The system is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

cd /foo
cp -Rp bar subfolder
mv subfolder bar

This avoids recursively creating a multitude of subfolder/subfolder directories on all Unix systems by creating subfolder alongside bar under /foo. It creates the new folder by copying bar recursively. The new directory is then moved into /foo/bar.

The sequence of commands could also have been

cd /foo
rsync -a bar/ subfolder
mv subfolder bar
  • +1 for teaching me something new – Weijun Zhou Apr 23 at 13:28

One solution is to use

cp -r . subfolder/

instead, however, this still prints the annoying "cannot copy a folder to itself" to stderr.

Using rsync instead solves the issue,

rsync -r . subfolder/
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    Note that the both commands would create subfolder/subfolder and that if you're not using GNU cp, you may also get infinite number of subfolders under subfolder (infinite = until the pathname becomes too long). – Kusalananda Apr 23 at 6:54
  • Thank you for the note on GNU cp, I didn't know about it. – Weijun Zhou Apr 23 at 13:25

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