I've been trying to start a graphical session with all users on my system but I've been always reverted to the login screen.

After initiating a terminal with (Ctrl+Alt+F1) from there, I've been able to start terminal sessions with all users, so this means passwords are not the problem.

With a superuser and the terminal I've been able to check what I was suspecting: $ df -h shows no available space on /dev/sda1 (filesystem root) despite partition size is 64 GB and 61 GB are used. The fact is that Mint was warning me about this but I thought 2 GB free was enough to keep running the system. My mistake was clear when I tried to start up next day!

So I've been moving files from /home to another partition and removed apt cache executing $ (sudo) apt clean but $ df -h keeps saying there's no available space after that. Therefore if this is the problem, how do I fix it in order to be able to start a graphical session? How much space is needed or should I reserve to prevent this happen in the future?

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Well, on cleaning user folder, /home/myuser, I made 4GB free space but it seems this doesn't count to be able to open graphical environment.

After cleaning apt cache I got 1GB according to $ df -h, and I was able to open a graphical session. I don't know why didn't work the first time.

Later, I removed timeshift snapshots (20GB). It seems to me like this app is like a disk worm, whatever useful they want to sell, I don't buy it. Finally I've been cleaning some logs from /var/log, /run/log and cleaning some temps at /var/tmp.

Right now things work.

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