I can't calculate a simple math expression 1.3e4 * 10 in the Gnome's calculator in scientific mode, I just get "Malformed expression" warning below the number pane. What am I supposed to do?


Gnome calculator would prefer to see

1.3x10^4 * 10

A shortcut to do this is to press ctrl+e, as in


This can be found in the calculator application help menu, under 'scientific notation'

  • I wonder why it is not intuitive as it's supposed to be?, it works though. – Jim-chriss Charles Apr 22 at 14:14
  • @Jim-chrissCharles The notation that you used does work elsewhere, like in the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet, and I would have used it myself! Gnome Calculator is useful to me for short, small calculations but not much that's more complex. – Charles Green Apr 22 at 14:20
  • @Jim-chrissCharles It's very intuitive if you're familiar with LaTeX, but I agree it feels like a strange design choice not to support the e-style notation. – undercat Apr 22 at 14:45
  • @undercat I knew I recognized it from somewhere - but it's been several years since I did serious work with LaTeX – Charles Green Apr 22 at 14:46

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