I have the following service.


Description=wifi detect automation

ExecStart=/sbin/wpa_cli -a /home/pi/test.sh -B


Then I started the service, I have seen that the command wpa_cli -a /home/pi/test.sh -B is running. Then killed the process and it won't restart again.

May I know the reason why the restart is not working?

Also If I comment the line RemainAfterExit=yes, then the service will start to restart but it keeps on restart continuously even if the process run successfully.

  • You might want to try Type=forking since you start wpa_cli in daemon mode. – Thomas Apr 22 '19 at 10:32

A recommedation to keep -B and switch to a readiness protocol that the program does not speak is another example of why one should always take comment-answers with a huge dose of salt.

  • Do not use RemainAfterExit=yes when it is a lie, as here. Your dæmon is not considered running when the process has exited.
  • Do not use -B. The idea of dæmonization is a fallacy in any case, and your process is already running in a dæmon context.

One problem that you will encounter is that systemd does not know that your service should not be run until the relevant wpa_supplicant service has bound its control socket in /run/wpa_supplicant/. There are timing problems here that people just have to bodge around with things restarting continually until the service "takes".

wpa_supplicant does not yet provide a way for its control socket to be passed in as an already open file descriptor, which would allow it to be defined using a systemd socket unit, which the wpa_cli service unit could then be ordered after.

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