I just got my own VPS with CentOS 7, and I'm trying to install GitLab on it. I'm following the instructions listed here. My problem is the command systemctl start postfix. I did the yum install postfix, and this is what resulted:

enter image description here

Then when I run the start command, I get the following error:

failed to start postfix.service: Unit not found

I've tried to Google the error, but all the results I've found were other issues. I'm new to this. Am I missing something really silly?

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Your cPanel server has exim installed in a way that prevents you from installing postfix.

It appears that cPanel does not support postfix from what I found searching just now. You would need to configure your gitlab instance to use the SMTP server running on localhost as it seems gitlab is incompatible with the sendmail that exim provides.

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