In this command, I want to extract strings that are like *.com or *.net, where * is not a dot. I wrote this:

grep -P -E '^[^.]+\.com$ |^[^.]+\.net$' example.csv 

I get this error:

grep: conflicting matchers specified

Can you clarify?

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    This error just means that -E (for extended regular expression) and -P (Perl-compatible regular expression (PCRE)) options are exclusive and cannot be used both at same time. Choose only one. This is not a regexp error. – el-teedee Apr 21 at 21:39

You can't use both PCRE (-P) and Extended Regular Expressions (-E) at the same time. In this case, it seems as if you don't use PCRE expressions at all, so you could just drop the -P. You also can't expect to match a space after $.

Combining most of the expression into a shorter one:

grep -E '^[^.]+\.(com|net)$'


grep -E -x '[^.]+\.(com|net)'

The -x option will cause grep to only match complete lines.

The expression matches a non-zero number of non-dot characters, followed by a dot and then either net or com.

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