I am building a kiosk machine with Debian 9.8 and XFCE4.

Everything is done except disabling right click in Desktop.

Tried xmodmap -e 'pointer = 1 2 0 4 5 6 7 8 9'; however, it disabled right click every where, i.e., in application too.

I need to disable the right click on desktop & icons.


If you want to disable the right click menu in xfdesktop you'll need to compile it with ./configure --disable-desktop-menu

also you can try this. If you're using Xfce 4.10, you may try the following:

In Settings > Desktop > Menus uncheck Show applications on right click and perhaps uncheck Show window list on middle click.

If in addition you go to Settings > Desktop > Icons and select type: None or Minimized, then this should pretty much disable all interaction with the desktop.

  • You mean only compile only xfdesktop xfdesktop? Sorry, I am new to this. – Emmanual Apr 22 at 14:03
  • sorry i didn't get what you said properly. yes compile xfdesktop again. you don't need other xfce packages like xfce4-session. – Rasool Ziafaty Apr 22 at 17:18
  • Thanks.. I will try that. – Emmanual Apr 24 at 13:48
  • let me know if my answer was helpful. and don't forget to accept my answer as correct answer if it works. – Rasool Ziafaty Apr 24 at 14:57

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