I have a document full of URL's that I need to turn into hyperlinks. I have no clue where to begin.

My file looks like this but longer:


And I need it to look like this:

 <a href="http://somesite1.html">http://somesite1.html</a>
 <a href="http://somesiteAD.html">http://somesiteAD.html</a>

Recommendations on how to accomplish this?

  • sed -e 's|.*|<a href="&">&</a>|' Apr 21 '19 at 16:42
  • @RakeshSharma Thank you, that was a huge help and it resolved my problem. My new line reads: grep -lr -Fiw 'KeyWord' * | sed -e 's|.*|<li><a href="http://&">&</a></li>|' >> temp.html
    – David
    Apr 21 '19 at 17:48

If your file only contains lines with URLs:

awk '{print "<a href=\""$1"\">"$1"</a>"}' <urls >hyperlinks

This regex might be helpful:

 s/((([A-Za-z]{3,9}:(?:\/\/)?)(?:[-;:&=\+\$,\w]+@)?[A-Za-z0-9.-]+(:[0-9]+)?|(?:www.|[-;:&=\+\$,\w]+@)[A-Za-z0-9.-]+)((?:\/[\+~%\/.\w-_]*)?\??(?:[-\+=&;%@.\w_]*)#?(?:[\w]*))?)/<a href="$1">$1</a>/g

But I advise you to look online yourself for more regexes that match URLs, for your specific case.

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