I created 5 new users in Fedora. However, all this has to be appended to a log file. One of the requirements for the assignment is to append /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files into a log file. I am logged in as the admin in root and when I try something along the lines of:

/etc/passwd >> file.log

I get a permission denied message. How would I be able to post the contents of these files into my log file?


The command:

/etc/passwd >> file.log

attempts to execute the /etc/passwd file, but /etc/passwd is not an executable, hence the permission denied error.

To redirect the contents of the file, you can use cat:

cat /etc/passwd >> file.log

(In fact, you could use any other command that reads files and outputs their contents on standard output, for example sed '' /etc/passwd or awk 1 /etc/passwd).

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