I am trying to create a custom live disk using Linux Live Kit based on my current Mint 19.1 installation running in VMWare.

I am having basically the same problem as this guy, here:


when booting my live created iso it stays stuck on looking for linux data in /linux data then it says "Fatal error occured - could not locate linux data

The answer given is:

Your kernel needs to have support for the storage device you are booting from. For example, if you boot from CD, your kernel must have support for CDROM drives and isofs filesystem.

After you get the fatal error, you are provided with a shell prompt, you can use it to mount your boot device manually and investigate the issue.

How do I investigate this issue?

  • Look at the configuration .config of your kernel, change it to include necessary parts not as modules (M), but as built-in (Y), and compile your own kernel. – dirkt Apr 21 at 4:35

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