I remember watching a video a while back where the user ran some command that produced, among other things, some hyperlinks in the output.

Now, my terminal handles this quite well in that I can Ctrl+Click on these links, and they open in the appropriate browser.

But in the video, the user pushed some keyboard shortcut, which produced a dropdown of the hyperlinks from the last output, which he could scroll through and hit Return to open.

What I want

...is to be able to do that. I.e. open hyperlinks from the terminal output using keyboard only.


Is there a terminal extension that can be added to certain terminal emulators to accomplish this? Or perhaps there are terminal emulators that have this natively?

I'm open to switching terminal emulators, as I'm just using the Gnome Terminal right now, and haven't really made a conscious decision about it. I just haven't switched it.

Additional info

enter image description here

  • Wasn't that guy using the lynx browser and pressing the L key? ;-) – mosvy Apr 21 at 0:38

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